Sunday, January 9, 2011

Free Microsoft Office Funeral Service or Obituary Templates


I found two very beautiful templates for Microsoft Word version 2007 or later. The templates were both submitted on 6/19/2010 by a user named funeral service template and the contact info lists Rosario De Medici. One is 448kb in size and the other is 653kb in size. Both Microsoft Office templates can be downloaded for free from the MS Office template download area. See details below.

Template One - Purple
 The first template has a purple and white flower impressions or mottled background, black text and the photo is in black and white with rounded edges. The background is simple and high contrast, since it has shades of dark and medium purple mixed with white. The inside areas look like the back of the design. The lightest purple would blend with the white, since there is not much gray in the full color version. The design could easily be printed in black and white, if necessary and still look good.

Template Two - Blue
This design has shades of blue and white with white text on the front and black text on the back. The background image is a blue sky with puffy white clouds and sunlight filtering through. The photo on the front is a color photo with rounded edges. The inside areas look like the back of the design. This template can be printed in black and white, but it would likely have large expanses of gray. Since many of the colors in the design are just variations of blue, the darkest blues would show the most contrast with the white clouds. It really looks best printed in color to show the range of blues, grays, white and colors from the photo.

To download the files, go to this page for free funeral service or obituary templates. You could also do a search by visiting and clicking on "templates" from the menu bar and selecting "all templates". Then just search for funeral service or obituary using the Search Templates box to see if any more templates have been added.

Consider these templates a way to save time and effort during this trying time, if you or someone you love will be responsible for designing and printing the funeral service document or obituary for your loved one.

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  5. @hopelikeadove When I click on your link for the blue obit templates, I get an empty box. Is there another location for this?

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  6. Thank you for this information. I'm trying to help the son of my mother's best friend plan her funeral because he helped out with my mother's funeral.

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